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The Brown Bean is a boutique coffee roasting business offering freshly roasted coffee beans which have been sourced from coffee plantations that are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable, resulting in a 'fair roast' for you, the local coffee growers and their workers.


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Espresso Blend
Size Ground
Single Origin

AO ‘Blue Horse’ Harrar - Ethiopia

This bean has the added complexity of cinnamon and clove flavours and aromas which complement the typical notes of blueberry and chocolate found in most Harrar coffee.

‘Daterra’ Sweet Notes - Brazil

This is an excellent Rainforest Alliance coffee with good body, loads of sweet citrus flavors and delicate acidity.  Perfect with milk or as an espresso!


Premium Espresso

A complex blend of the finest beans from Brazil, Guatemala, Kenya, Ethiopia and Sumatra resulting in well balanced sweetness, body and acidity.

Swiss Water Decaf

These beans have been decaffeinated using the chemical free ‘Swiss water’ process. It is a special blend of Brazil, Colombian & washed Guatemala beans that produce a smooth well rounded flavour.